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Coke with No Calories from Coca Cola Company

Coke is drink that most of people drink every day. Some of people say that this drink can caused obesity because of many sugar in it. However, Coke drink from Coca Cola Company try to solve this problem. They created Diet Coke. This is one of the drinks that most of Coke lover drink every day, today. It has no calories, so, they don’t need to worry about the sugar. It’s cheap, but, there’re some places offered Coke Coupons, where you can buy one Diet Coke and you get one free.

But, that’s not only Coke with diet concept in it. Coca Cola Company also gives birth to other no calories diet Coke. It’s called Coca Cola Zero. Like this drink name, this said to be has zero calories. The Diet Coke is more famous in US and Europe. But, Coca Cola Zero has its own places on Coke lovers in Asia. The sweetness level of this Coke is also different in some countries. But, there’s one similarity that you can find in all of that country. They can be bought with using Coke Coupons for bonuses.

The design of these two Coke drink is different. The Diet Coke doesn’t really show the trademark of Coca Cola. I thought its soft drink from other company. And the Coca Cola Zero is really showing Coca Cola Company. Both of this soft drink tastes good and most important thing, it can be bought with Coke Coupons.

Coke ( Coca Cola ) March 2015

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